The Amazing Race in Ottumwa

Ten families competed in The Amazing Race on Sunday

Ten families came out to the Greater Ottumwa Park Sunday afternoon to compete in â??The Amazing Race.â??

The Bridge Church put on the race to celebrate what the Ottumwa community is all about.

Nine tasks in all the families had to complete.

â??Right behind me theyâ??re having to put on a bunch of other people's dress clothes on as a family and take a family portrait. Theyâ??re about to go find the frozen t-shirt where we froze t-shirts rock-solid and they have to peel them apart and put them on. That's going to be pretty funny and then they'll end up on this race with the hamster wheel where the whole family has to get in on the hamster here at Ottumwa Park and do three revolutions all together without falling down,â?? said Pastor Cy McMahon.

The winning family of the race received a trophy full of dum-dums and bragging rights until next yearâ??s race.