The American Shakespeare Center performs 'Othello'

The American Shakespeare Center will perform Othello Monday at 7 p.m. in Truman State Universityâ??s Baldwin Auditorium. The American Shakespeare Center is based in Virginia and recovers the accessibility of Shakespeareâ??s theatre, language and humanity. In Othello, Shakespeare pairs his most trusting leading man with a ruthless villain in a dance of deceit and revenge. Actor Farnando Lanbarty is playing Othello and he says the play is a classic. He says the play reminds us of present-day issues we face.

â??The hardest thing I think for most audiences these days is getting used to the material. They think that Shakespeare is very foreign and it doesn't really speak to modern times in which we live but that's definitely not the case. He wrote plays that were for people. They were for the masses, for the every-man,â?? says Lanbarty.

There will be live band performances before the show begins.