The art behind cartoons

Cartoonsâ?¦they were part of our everyday lives as children as they made us laugh and smile. But for some kids, cartoons became an inspiration to just draw and make it a hobby, then a passion.

â??I grew up with Bugs Bunny and Walt Disney was a big influence,â?? said cartoon artist Buck Jones.

â??It started off with Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes and everything in between,â?? said cartoon artist Kelly McNutt.

â??We looked at cartoons and all the time as kids whether it was Disney, Hanna-Babera, comic books, MAD Magazine. So I was always imitating and mimicking those things,â?? said cartoon artist C.F. Payne.

â??Cartoons appealed to me by making fun of people and things. Once you become known as the cartoonist, you keep going,â?? said cartoon artist Paul Coker Jr.

These cartoonists have been very successful in their art work for years and were just recently acknowledged for their hard work at this yearâ??s Toonfest in Marceline. But just like any other artist, cartooning takes thinking and creativity.

â??The pure cartoonist who uses pen and ink, thatâ??s very difficult because you are trying to make a specific line and finding a personality that is unique to yourself. Thatâ??s a challenge,â?? Payne said.

â??Animation speaks across cultures and gaps. It speaks to everybody. Itâ??s one of the best ways to tell a story,â?? McNutt said.

Despite the hard work, for these cartoonists to see their own work on display or on a movie screen or TV makes it all worth it.

â??To draw something and see the reactions from people is so rewarding. As an artist, it is about making other people happy,â?? Jones said.

â??Itâ??s just great fun. I still enjoy it. Iâ??m still drawing. I never thought of it as work at all,â?? Coker said.

For you kids out there who are right now doodling away and thinking about making it as a career, these artists have some words of wisdom to share.

â??Follow that dream. Just draw, draw, draw,â?? McNutt said.

â??If it is a passion, if it comes from within, and you love itâ?¦donâ??t stop,â?? Jones said.

â??Get a lot of paper and a lot of material. Be able to express yourself,â?? Payne said.

â??Keep working and do as much drawing as you can,â?? Coker said.

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