The causes and signs behind depression

For Friday's Facebook Story of The Day, our fans wanted to know more about depression.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, every 1 out of 20 Americans ages 12 and over suffer from depression.

There is a range of causes that can lead someone to depression.

"It can be genetic, people can be predisposed genetically. We see depression with major life changes, loses, people who are dealing with an illness. It can be from abuse, either physical or emotional type of abuse," said Brenda Sidwell, licensed clinical social worker at Northeast Missouri Health Council.

Experts said it is normal for everyone to have a bad day or feel down for a while when going through a major change or after living through a traumatic situation. But if a person continues feeling that way for two weeks, symptoms of depression will begin to surface.

"Not only feeling down and depressed, but the person will have low energy and fatigue, not eating or eating too much, significant weight loss or weight gain. A person will have feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, or excessive guilt. It will also give a person thoughts of hurting one's self or suicide," Sidwell said.

Depression is believed to be the number one cause of suicide.

But there is hope and treatment for those who are trying to break free from depression.

"There are very good medications that you can talk with your physician about. We recommend counseling. Best outcomes are people who do both medication and counseling," Sidwell said. "In counseling they give self-management and life skills to help identify and manage your depressive symptom."

Experts said itâ??s best to consult with your primary physician first on depression so they can evaluate and determine what type of counseling and treatment is needed.

Experts also said women and younger adults are more likely to recognize they have depression and will get help for it while men and elderly people don't.

There are places across the Heartland that offer medical and counseling services for those who do suffer from depression.

In Kirksville:

Northeast Missouri Health Council

1416 N. Crown Dr.

(660) 627-5757

Mark Twain Behavioral Health

105 Pfeiffer Ave.

(660) 665-4612

Preferred Family Healthcare

900 E Laharpe St

(660) 665-1962

In Ottumwa:

Southern Iowa Mental Health Center

110 East Main Street

(641) 682-8772

First Resources

102 North Hancock Street

(641) 683-1302

Ottumwa Psychiatric Clinic

1112 N Van Buren Ave # 2

(641) 684-7744