The circus is coming to Ottumwa

The circus is coming to Ottumwa.

Starting Wednesday, Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center will be transformed into a big top circus, as the 2012 Kaaba Shrine Circus will be performing.

People say one of the best things about the show is that untamed animals will be performing.

â??It is an all new circus. I know that one of the acts is a new lion and tiger trainer; and all of his animals are untamed, untethered and totally unpredictable. In addition we have trapeze artists, there is a couple that is just fabulous,â?? said Larry Gawronski, Executive Director of Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center.

Gawronski also added that there will be elephants performing as well.

â??And of course we will have beautiful Beau. That is the largest elephant in the Shrine Circus realm. He will be performing and I guess he wears hats and all kinds of crazy things. So it is really something for the entire family,â?? said Gawronski.

For more information on tickets, you can contact the Bridge View Center box office here.