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      The City of Kirksville ATC rejects traffic signal proposal

      The City of Kirksville Airport and Transportation Commission has rejected a proposed traffic signal and stoplight removal plan.

      The City of Kirksville owns and operates nine traffic signals, five stoplights and two pedestrian crossings within city limits.

      The Kirksville-Adair community plan addresses the removal of traffic signals and stoplights in the downtown business district.

      The removal would be due to confusion stemming from the fact that there are five stoplights nearby and that traffic signals spend 60 percent of their time in flash red as a stop light.

      Public Works Director, Alan Griffiths, says he doesn't think the setup is safe.

      â??It can become confusing for motorists. I have seen motorists, several times, in my short time here. They pull up to a red light, look both ways and drive through the red light or a stop sign. That can be very hazardous,â?? says Griffiths.

      The removal of the traffic signals and stop lights would reduce the total number of signals and lights owned by the city by 60 percent.

      This proposed change could save the city approximately $22,000 annually in operating and maintenance costs.

      The plan is expected to be reviewed by the Kirksville City Council on May 18th.