The city of Kirksville budgets for an above average winter season

With consecutive snow storms across the Kirksville area, many may be wondering if there's enough money in the city's budget to cover this above average winter season.

Kirksville Public Works Officials say the winter budget is prepared prior to any possible first snows.

Materials are ordered around late September to prepare us for each new budget year.

During each snow event, vehicles are monitored; labor is monitored, as are materials like salt and sand. In the event that we receive more snowfall than planned for, officials say we will always be covered.

â??If we end up with excessive weather conditions, out of the norm, we might be a little over budget but the city has contingency funds that they have planned for those types of things to start with, so we try not to dip into those, but we do have it planned for in case,â?? said Kirksville Public Works Director Alan Griffiths.

There are also state and federal emergency funds available in the case of any disasters declared during the winter season.

Residents can assist clean-up crews in the event of heavy snowfall by parking all cars and trucks in parking lots and not along the streets.