The clock will finally strike midnight in Bloomfield town square

Time has literally been frozen in the Bloomfield Town Square but thatâ??s all about to change. The Davis County Courthouse clock tower will soon be undergoing renovations designed to restore the time piece to working order.

The Seth Thomas clock was built and installed into the courthouse in 1879. In order for the clock to be restored, it must be removed and lowered from its current location.

With the clock weighting around 1,500 pounds, this will take great skill and precision.

This is where restoration expert Rory DeMesy comes into play.

â??It'll probably look better. Just by one of the clocks I went to view in Memphis, Missouri that this, Rory DeMesy, the vendor that's here today. He restored that clock, and it's pristine. The job he did was pristine,â?? says Tom Prosapio, construction manager of the restoration project.

On Tuesday DeMesy was brought in from Minneapolis to take a look at the clock. DeMesy will give the Davis County Board of Supervisors a bid for the project in the coming week.

Early estimates suggest it will take at least 40 thousand dollars to get the clock in working order again.

I think the whole project is a hurdle to get through because there's always people involved, there's public support that you need to do it, and of course the dollarsâ?¦ whatever dollars it takes to make up the difference that's been donated and what it'll take to fix the clock,â?? said Prosapio.

Prosapio hopes the clock starts ticking within the next year.