The cold weather is actually good for certain plants

The extreme cold temperatures is a good thing for hearty plants such as trees and shrubs.

With this winter being more about the extreme cold temperatures than snow, many have been worrying what effect the below zero temperatures have had on plants.

Horticulture experts say there is nothing to fear. Hearty plants, such as trees and shrubs, began to prepare for the cold back in the fall months.

However temperatures throughout the season must remain at 35 degrees or below to keep them on the safe end.

"Everyone likes a 50/60 degree day in January/February but it is actually not good for your plants. Trees and shrubs need constantly cold temperatures and if we don't get that consistency when we have temperature fluctuation, that's when problems occur," said Jennifer Schutter of the Adair County University of Missouri Extension.

Mild temperatures during the winter can cause cracks in tree barks or heaving in the soil which can cause plants to pop out of the ground.

Snow is also a good thing for the trees and shrubs as it acts as insulation for them. Ice on the other hand can cause breakage of the limbs.