The debate to rezone Ottumwa Vet Clinic continues

Tuesday's Ottumwa City Council meeting

Three residents voiced their concerns Tuesday night about rezoning the Ottumwa Vet Clinic in their neighborhood from a residential zone to a commercial zone.

This is the second time the issue has been read before the Ottumwa City Council. The Ottumwa Vet Clinic is located on 4/10s of an acre of land in an R-1 Residential Zone on 2305 N. Court St, and residents say the owners want to change the area to a C-1 Retail Business. Doing so would allow the business to expand on the current property, but residents say Doctor Steve Menke and the other business partners arenâ??t even saying that will happen. They brought some heated opinions to the podium Tuesday evening.

â??We came to this town 27 years ago,â?? concerned resident Richard Douglas said. â??I worked at the college. We bought a home in a residential district. We believe that it should stay a residential district, and that doesn't mean rezoning one lot after another.â??

Ottumwa Mayor Frank Flanders says he sees both sides of the issue in terms of economic development but also the residentsâ?? concerns. Neighbors say they want the business owner to come forward and answer their questions regarding their plans with the Ottumwa Vet Clinic at the next meeting. The City Council will hear its third and final reading of the ordinance at its May 21 meeting.