The do's and don'ts of job interviewing

Do you know what an employer looks for when it comes to interviewing a candidate for a job position?

With so many people looking for jobs, itâ??s important to stand out above the rest.

According to the Missouri Career Center in Kirksville, dressing the part is the most important thing to remember. Itâ??s better to over dress the part than under dress.

â??First impression lands you the job,â?? said Cathy Collop, Workforce Development Supervisor at the Missouri Career Center. â??Within 7 seconds the employer has made that first impression. Itâ??s very important not to have outlandish makeup on, not a lot of perfume or cologne on, some people are allergic to that kind of thing, so that can turn them off right away, but dress for success. I can't stress that enough.â??

What you put on your resume is just as vital.

â??The employer needs to be able to read that resume within 10 seconds, basically,â?? Collop said. â??You need to get them preeminent information like your education, work experience, any skills or abilities that you have, but don't make it too lengthy. We say one page for a lot of positions and possibly two pages for a professional resume.â??

Once you have that sit down with your potential employer, body language is key.

â??Body language is extremely important. You need to go in with a smile, you need to shake hands and have a firm handshake with the employer,â?? Collop said. â??Look the employer in the eye. Sit up straight in your chair, don't slouch, lean forward just a tad and be prepared.â??

Collop also advises to ask questions, but be careful on what you ask.

â??Itâ??s appropriate to ask certain questions during an interview, but always be prepared to ask at least one,â?? Collop said. â??Never discuss salary during an interview until you are offered the position. You could ask about benefits, but be prepared and know the company so you know what questions to ask.â??

The Missouri Career Center offers free classes on interviewing and resume writing tips as well as how to properly fill out an application. CLICK HERE to learn more.