The DuKum Inn prepares for Super Bowl XLVII

The DuKum Inn gets ready for Super Bowl XLVII.

Well as you know, Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner; which means, plans need to be made.

The Denver Broncos will go head to head against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, February 2 and fans are preparing for the game by dressing in their perspective team colors as they send the teams off to Metlife Stadium.

If you werenâ??t lucky enough to score tickets to attend Super Bowl XLVII, then the DuKum Inn is the next best place to be.

â??Well not everybody has a party and for those that donâ??t weâ??ve got almost 20 TVâ??s, not quite as many as the big box stores but weâ??re a lot more fun to watch here and itâ??s just a great sports bar environmentâ?? said Craig Shorten, owner and operator of the DuKum Inn.

The DuKum Inn will be offering numerous drink and food specials while showing the game on their 70 inch TVâ??s and an impressive turnout is expected.


hey have a few private events set up for Sunday, but the DuKum will be open and all are welcome to attend.