The Easter Bunny and his eggs are coming back again this year

Easter is this Sunday, which means the hunt is on for Easter eggs.

The Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department and The Women of Cardinal Key are hosting the 35th annual Children's Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Truman State University Quad.

Children and their families are invited to take their baskets and join the Easter Bunny as they hunt down those Easter eggs and goodies.

But here's one piece of advice.

"You need to arrive early and get your spot along the sidewalk and be ready to run. It lasts about 5 seconds. It is very quick and a lot of times when you are late, you don't get a great spot so get there early," said Recreation Specialist Robin Harden.

Harden says if you are not familiar with the Truman campus, just walk to the center of campus and you won't miss the colorful eggs.

For more information on the easter egg hunt, you can call the Kirksville Aquatic Center