The five unknown dangers for pets

For our Facebook Story of The Day, many of you wanted to know more about the unknown dangers for pets.

KTVO went to the Adair County Humane Society and learned that polyurethane glue, pine-sol cleaner, and liquid potpourri are three that can cause respiratory problems to pets.

The other and probably most surprising unknown danger is loose change.

"Everyone drops a penny outside going for a walk, getting into a car, things like that where its common to have it fall on the ground. You wouldn't think it would cause a blockage issue, but with a small animal it could be a very harmful thing," said Missy Decker of the Adair County Humane Society.

The most dangerous and most common unknown danger is medication.

"Everyone has some type of medication in their home. It's easy to take an aspirin or an ibuprofen and leave the bottle on the counter. Then get it knocked over and get it on the floor where your pets can get a hold of it. Depending on weight and type of animal, it can kill them very quickly," Decker said.

Decker always suggests that you treat your pets like small children and always pick up any items that fall on the floor.

Also, make sure you have good air ventilation to help get rid of strong cleaning odors.