The Health Department celebrates National Public Health Awareness Week

      April 7-13 is National Public Health Awareness Week.

      Public Health Officials throughout the country are working to generate deep concern for public health this week.

      April 7-13 is National Public Health Awareness Week.

      The week has been backed by the American Public Health Association (APHA) since 1995.

      Statistics show nearly 2.5 billion work days are lost in the United States each year due to illness.

      The Macon County Health Department says their job is to decrease disease by promoting healthy activity.

      â??We like to prevent disease. We like to promote physical activity, promote immunizing your child to prevent diseases,â?? said Cindy Malloy of the Macon County Health Department.

      Up next, the Macon County Health Department is offering emergency planning courses, WIC services and immunizations. If interested in the services, contact the Macon County Health Department at (660)-395-4711 or click here.

      Malloy also said â??We do injections, immunizations, follow up on infectious diseases. We also have emergency planning classes for those in need.â??