The Heartland community learns an entrepreneurial lesson

Today, the Kirksville community had the opportunity to sit down with an award-winning business owner.

Rick Duree is a successful owner of a textbook rental store, author and adjunct professor of Entrepreneurial Studies.

Duree shared his entrepreneurial knowledge with other business owners and professionals in the Heartland.

Experts say economy growth is dependent on entrepreneurs who create jobs.

â??Our community needs more entrepreneurs, theyâ??re the people who employ everyone and create all the wealth in the community,â?? said Dan Hamlet, Executive Director of the Missouri Enterprise and Innovation Center.

â??Itâ??s more how do you do what you want to do with success, overcome your problems, overcome your obstacles, find funding, build a team and, get the right mindset for all of that,â?? said Duree.

Duree hopes that sharing both his trials and success will encourage others to take the next step.