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      The Heartland continues 'Caring for Sharon'

      "The Caring for Sharon" effort continued as family and friends gathered in support of the 6-year old girl battling Mowat Wilsons.

      On Saturday hundreds supported Sharon Burkhart at the Macon County Fairgrounds in Macon.

      Those attending showed up in bright colored shirts and participated in a 5K walk to raise money for Sharon.

      Sharon will travel to Ohio with her mother, Christi, and there she will receive advanced medical treatment for her condition.

      Meanwhile, at home, the community wants Christi to know she has full support.

      â??She's a very strong woman. Sheâ??s very strong to have to deal with this, with her little girl and she's a single mom with three kids and she's a full time worker. Sheâ??s always got a smile on her face, no matter what. Thatâ??s the way she is; she's always bright-eyed and ready to go. Sheâ??s our hero. She really is,â?? said family friend, Sara Magers.

      The t-shirt sale provided Christi and Sharon with about $700.

      The family says all money raised will be used for travel expenses and hotel fees.