The Little Bake Shop is a big hit in downtown Ottumwa

Trendy cupcakes are all the rage right now in New York City and now downtown Ottumwa is getting a taste of the â??Big Appleâ??.

The Little Bake Shop at the corner of E. 2nd St. and S. Market St. opened last week and owner Melissa Little said she is overjoyed with how well business has been doing, having already sold out before 11:30 a.m. a few times.

Little hopes that this is just the start to bringing new businesses to downtown.

â??Iâ??ve had people come in and they've thanked me. And said â??thanks so much for opening this, we need something like this in downtown Ottumwaâ??. Hopefully now we'll start seeing more businesses, more boutique-type shops down here so that downtown becomes a destination. And I know there's a whole group of people that have that same goal in mind and Iâ??m hoping that maybe this can be a catalyst because we get a lot of traffic through here,â?? said Little.

The Little Bake Shop sells cake balls, cupcakes, cookies and more. You name a flavor and Little is bound to have it. And if she doesnâ??t, sheâ??ll make it for you; she baked cinnamon toast and maple syrup bacon cupcakes last week by special request.

Little takes special orders for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Stay tuned for next week on Good Morning Heartland where Melissa Little will be a guest and show some of her secrets to cupcake decorating.