The Little Bake Shop to open at new location next week

The Little Bake Shop will be moving to the first floor of the Hoffman Building

Downtown Ottumwa is becoming more of a thriving place every single day â?? from the beginning stages of Market on Main to new businesses opening up.

And for one business, the move is only across the street.

The Little Bake Shop is moving catty-corner to where it is now to the first floor of the Hoffman Building.

When we talked to owner Melissa Little back in September when The Little Bake Shop first opened, she said she hoped her bakery would serve as a catalyst for new businesses to come downtown.

â??It's exciting because we have the front half of this building and there is another lady who has a boutique shop that will be opening up in the back half of the building. So now people can come down, they can get a cup of coffee, fancy coffee across the street, they can come over here, have dessert, a cupcake whatever and they can do some shopping while theyâ??re here. So hopefully with all that increased traffic that we're getting downtown, that will inspire other businesses to thing about relocating downtown,â?? said Little.

Tuesday will be The Little Bake Shopâ??s first day at its new location with a grand opening celebration on Saturday, March 2.