The local food bank hosts 'Hoops, Hair and Hunger'

Volunteers set up a table for the "Hoops, Hair and Hunger" event for the local food bank.

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri teamed up with Cost Cutters at the Truman State University basketball games Saturday to raise money for the local food pantry.

Volunteers posted at each entrance collecting cash donations for the food bank.

Each person donating to the food bank was given a Cost Cutters coupon to receive one free haircut. The Regional Food Bank Coordinator says Saturday's event was a great way to keep our pantry full.

â??What we always say is remind everyone that a dollar with the food bank buys 15 pounds of food, so we're always really excited to do something where we get the opportunity to collect some cash donations so that we can help feed a lot of people,â?? says Susan Dublin.

During each game's half-time, there was a $50 Cost Cutters gift card awarded to the half-time competition winners.