The love behind an adopted family

Karl and Lori Schneider of Kirksville

Karl and Lori Schneider of Kirksville have lived here their whole lives with their two biological sons. In 2007, they felt the need for their family to grow when their friends, the Murphys, were adopting from the All God's Children International Agency.

The Hannah's Hope Orphanage came across a picture of an orphan girl from Ethiopia, Hope and the Schneiders adopted her. Then in 2010, they adopted Yordie and Hannah, orphaned biological sisters also from Ethiopia.

"We were empty nesters with older sons moving on. It was a surprise to us, but when you are given a face, you can't help but to help a child in need," Lori said.

"It was exciting and scary. It's a growing experience to help these children," Karl said.

For the Schneiders, it was an experience raising the girls and teaching them everything from English to American culture. But it was a leap of faith that has been worth it.

"They are really impressive when you think about what they have been through, what they have accomplished, and what they will accomplish," Lori said.

"The best part is knowing that you are loved even though you lost your parents," Yordie said.

Five years after their journey began, it continues with a family filled with love.

"I'm their Momma. I would die for them. There's no difference," Lori said.

"We have two people that takes care of us and loves us," Yordie said.

The Schneiders are one of seven families in Kirksville that have adopted through the All God's Children International Agency. If you want to know more about them click here.