The Market Place Fairness Act could bring more customers to the store

In the near future, there could be some changes on how we shop online. The Market Place Fairness Act recently passed the senate and will now be up for voting in the House of Representatives. If passed, any online business that makes over one million dollars in retail sales will be required to charge a sales tax. The online sales tax is an effort to level the playing field for actual store locations to compete with big online retailers that can offer cheaper prices without the tax. With these changes, there is a lot of speculation on whether this will actually help store locations.

â??To be honest, I don't know that we'll see as big an impact on the consumer side. I don't think it's going to change how people shop. I think the ones who shop online will continue to shop online. Unless you're buying big ticket items, the tax advantage is not enough that it would sway them one way or another, but we certainly do encourage people to shop locally. That's important for our community. Those are brick and mortar stores,â?? said Sandra Williams Executive Director of Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce.

A lot of uncertainty is up in the air about this bill and many of the details will be ironed out in the next few months.