The Missouri Clean Water Commission appoints new board member

Monitoring activities associated with the Clean Water Law.

State Senator Brian Munzlinger is the Senate sponsor of newly appointed Missouri Clean Water Commission member, Ashley McCarty. The Missouri Clean Water Commission is a state board which adopts regulations and policies regarding the planning, monitoring and enforcement of activities associated with the Clean Water Law.

McCarty comes to the board with a background in agriculture. She says there is a lot to consider in reference to water quality and agriculture productivity.

â??Agriculture will be very much affected by water quality standards going down the road, so we feel that nutrients and agriculture are key to our productivity and growing more food to feed the world, but also tie in the water quality. There will be an increase in nutrient standard coming for agriculture down the road and that's something we need to maintain, as far as improving of stewardship and quality of our natural resources while enhancing productivity,â?? said McCarty.

McCartyâ??s term will expire on April 12, 2016.