The Missouri Elks provide free dental service

The Elks Mobile Dental Unit has offered those with developmental disabilities free basic dental services for over 40 years.

The unique feature about the program is that these basic dental services are provided throughout the state of Missouri.

However, funding is needed to keep the project running. Dr. Robert Beck says the Elks throughout the state of Missouri have worked hard to keep the Benevolent Trust full.

â??The Elks you can say are keeping this program viable and Macon has always been a big contributor, but it's a state effort through all the lodges that are here in the state of Missouri. They come together and they work hard to keep the funding to the Benevolent Trust,â?? said Beck.

Each year, dental procedures are performed on more than 3,000 patients. The value of these services total about $700,000.

Those elks interested in donating can find donation forms through the state website.