The Missouri National Guard exceeds strength goals

In December 2013, the Missouri Army National Guard's strength reached more than 100 percent of its allocated force and the Missouri Air National Guard's strength exceeded 100 percent as well.

â??Maintaining our readiness and being able to respond to state of emergencies and to federal deployments is making sure we have enough trained soldiers on the ground, ready to go in the time of need,â?? said Mo. National Guardâ??s SFC Bradley Young.

The Missouri Army National Guard ranked sixth among the nation's 54 National Guards in strength and ranked 7th in readiness. The superior performance has been credited to an increase in communication and empowering senior commands.

â??One of the key points to us getting to where we are at right now is our Chief of Staff, who actually went to all the armories throughout the year along with the Colonel and spoke with all the members of the Missouri National Guard in person and generated a line of communication between recruitment and personnel,â?? said SFC Young.

Recruiting and retention success have been proven to have a powerful impact in ensuring the readiness of soldiers but working together at every level of the organization has been the key to great performance.

â??In order for us to be over 100 percent, we really need to get everyone involved in the efforts,â?? said SFC Young.

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