The people of Kirksville support one another by attending a facilitated unity training

'Circle of Support' drawing

The Missouri Department of Mental Health met with members of the Kirksville community at the Regional Office Friday for a community development class. Lois Smidt, the co-founder of "Community That Works" facilitated a â??Circle of Supportâ?? initiative which is centered on community unification. The meetings are for people of different classes, races and cultural backgrounds to share acts of kindness. There is no fee to participate.

â??This is a place to just go and be curious. It's a safe environment where you will be met and welcomed as a person first, not as a problem or not as a helper, but as a person who has both needs and riches to contribute to making Kirksville better for everybody,â?? says Smidt.

For information on the next scheduled meeting, contact Tonda Lain with the Kirksville Regional Office: (660)-785-2500,