The policy behind minors and R rated films

For Thursday's Facebook Story of The Day many wanted to know the policy concerning people under the age of 17 and R-rated movies.

KTVO went to the Macon Cinema and learned there's no law but it's general theater policy that parents have to buy the ticket and need to be present in the theater when the minor is watching the film.

Theaters say it's overall the parent's responsibility and should check up on the movie's information to decide if the film is appropriate for their child.

"I think the way the rating system is suppose to work is to give the parents some indication of what the content of the film is. Parents should take it upon themselves to find out what the film is that there kids wants to see. If the parents do their research about the film, then they can make an informed decision," said Todd Davison of Macon Cinema.

The Motion Picture Association of America rates the movies based on the amount of content used such as foul language, sex, violence, drugs and alcohol abuse.

If you are a parent and want to get more information on the ratings and content of movies, you can go to: