The Red Rooster opens in Eldon

Saturday was the grand opening of a new store in Eldon called The Red Rooster.

Driving down Hwy 16, itâ??s hard to miss the big red rooster planted on the side of the road.

The store sells a little bit of everything including homemade jewelry, quilts and paintings.

And you may be familiar with the name Red Rooster, but not as a collectibles shop.

â??The Red Rooster as a bar they were. My dad had quite a few things going on in the bar when he had it. And after he closed up, my brother opened it as a rental shop for his business so we just want to keep it going on. We have a lot of stories being told when people coming in from the bar years,â?? said Lynn Chickering, owner.

Chickering said her granddaughter has been a big help with getting the store ready to open. She added that through the years, The Red Rooster has been many things and will always be a part of her family.