The Rock & Roll Nutrition Show Jump with Jill Stops by GMH

Northeast Regional Medical Centerâ??s Healthy Woman Program has partnered with NEMO Heart Health and several other local entities to bring Jump with Jill to Northeast Missouri.

Jump with Jill is a live rock 'n roll show for kids that teaches nutrition through music and movement.

Created by registered dietitian and musician, Jill Jayne MS RD, this program empowers students to confidently make healthy choices while maintaining their coolness. Jill helps them relate to health topics that kids confront daily, such as what to eat and how to exercise. She teaches in a unique, interactive learning style that improves kids' comprehension and retention.

The show has reached a quarter of million kids around the worlds with its music-based approach to nutrition education.

Kristina Psitos stars as â??Jillâ?? and Jeff Berry co-stars as her DJ. The two of them stopped by Good Morning Heartland Friday morning to talk more about their show. WATCH VIDEO above to learn more.

Come check out Jump with Jill for free Monday November 4 at 5:30 pm- for the 7th Annual Healthy Woman Event. It will be held at the Kirksville Primary School in Kirksville.