The show must go on

â??But I said no, thereâ??s no question. The show must go on,â?? said Dale Dommer, Director of The Laramie Project.

Independent theater company Theater Adventures has since picked up The Laramie Project after Ottumwa High School Principal Mark Hanson denied the play from being performed on the high school stage.

When KTVO spoke to Superintendent Davis Eidahl back in July, he repeatedly said he wanted the high school plays be a place where you could take the whole family.

â??It's kind of hypocritical because the have -- I was in a play back in high school where there was a scene where someone was being raped,â?? said Edward Bartow, auditioning for The Laramie Project.

â??And the issue is, is that we have somebody in power that has way too much power,â?? said Dommer.

Dommer said he believes there needs to be more checks and balances between administration and faculty.

â??Lots of teachers, lots of staff -- principals are coming to me because Iâ??m the one that is being outspoken about this because I don't have anything to lose. They have their jobs to lose,â?? said Dommer.

â??For this show out of all of them to not be allowed, it just doesn't make sense to me,â?? said Bartow.

The Laramie Project is about acceptance, spreading the word of not being afraid to be who you are and ridding the world of hate.

â??It's not about tolerance. It's about acceptance and there's a difference. And so that's the message we want to get across and by doing this play we promote acceptance; we promote acceptance of the school's decision to not allow us to do the play at the high school. We take that and we run with it,â?? said Dommer.

Theater Adventures is holding auditions at the Bridge View Center Friday evening at 7.

The total cost of the production will be upwards of $15,000. Theater Adventures is taking donations. You can either email or click here to donate.