The state of Missouri makes accommodations for individuals with ASD

Missouriâ??s Department of Mental Health has implemented new plans for protecting those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Statistics show that 50 percent of those with autism wander, and 90 percent of those who wander, about 50 percent of them drown.

With such a high percentage in deaths reported in wandering cases, the Missouri Office of Autism Services has secured public awareness DVDs to assist law enforcement and first responders in dealing with ASD cases.

â??Any communication, any interaction that will advance the knowledge of individuals who are on the frontline to be aware, as well as have an interaction with an individual who may be non-verbal and may not behave in a manner that you would typically see an individual interact with a law enforcement officer can pay dividends ten fold,â?? said Kit Glover, Director of the Missouri Office of Autism Services.

There are 11 autism navigators in the state of Missouri receiving the first responder DVDs. There are two DVDs included in the package.

The videos are not to take the place of comprehensive training, but they are expected to provide more insight to those dealing with ASD incidents firsthand.