The Thomas C. Harris home hosts their Fall open house

Thomas C. Harris Open House Fall 13'

The Thomas C. Harris open house took place right here at 101 East Burton Sunday. Cars lined the streets in hopes to get a taste of history.

Homeowner Daryl Shafer says this is not the first time he's opened his home to the public and it won't be the last. The big house that sits on the corner of Green and Burton Streets does something magical to the Kirksville community.

"People come here and they're sharing their stories and I know that for them its a way for them to connect to their past and things that they have experienced. In a way, the house is a magnet for bringing together those memories," says Shafer.

In 2007, a year after Shafer purchased the home from The National Trust, he began decorating the house and thinking of different ways to get the community excited about the historical site. The home was built by Civil War Veteran Thomas C. Harris in 1875. The home served as a doctor's office for quite some time. Since Harris, there have been four other home-owners and things are always kept in good condition for future generations.

"This one is probably one of the earliest that I've lived in, but it has the character of when people took their time and practiced good craftsmanship. They built it to last, they wanted to be proud of their work," says Shafer.

Along with refreshments, Shafer included a horse trick show in Sunday's event to give things a different twist from year to year.

Neighbors also toured the home and they are loving the attention the site brings. "It's a beautiful place. They keep it up. It's immaculate. I mean, just great... It keeps me on my toes to keep my place cleaned up," says Don Williams.

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