The thrift store wants all your used goods

With consumer product safety regulations in place, the Salvation Army Thrift Store has to be careful of the items they allow on their sales floor.

In August 2008, the president signed into law the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The law sets strict regulations on the sell of infant products, lead content and recalled items.

The Kirksville Salvation Army Lieutenant, Brian Bump, says many of the products that aren't to be sold can still be useful.

â??We may get a holy pair of jeans or someone's t-shirt with all kinds of paint on it. Those don't make it to the sales floor, but we do turn around and still sell it. We have a company in Kansas City that actually comes and takes those items and turns around and makes them into wiping rags for industry,â?? said Bump.

All profit from reselling damaged items are used locally. For information on reselling and product safety, click here.