The Truman State Art Gallery has a new exhibit on display

Aaron Fine talks about new Apocalyptic exhibit.

Movie directors aren't the only ones previewing what the end of the world will be like. Many artists are recreating these same ideas through their art work.

The Truman State University Art Gallery has opened its doors to the public with a new exhibit in place. â??Apocalypticâ?? and â??Post Apocalypticâ?? art are featured in this month's exhibit.

The exhibit will remain on display until February 21st. The art is intended to evoke different emotions in relation to the end of the world.

â??Apocalyptic is an exhibit that's going to have a lot of different sorts of things in it, some of it really serious stuff about nuclear arsenal or the biblical apocalypse and some of it really thought-provoking in that way and some of it really playful and fun and sort of reflecting our pop culture interest and zombie apocalypses and alien invasions,â?? says gallery director Aaron Fine.

The reception for â??Apocalypticâ?? and â??Post Apocalypticâ?? will take place Tuesday, January 28th at 6 p.m. in the gallery. New York artist, Lori Nix, will be in attendance.