The Truman State Bulldogs decked the Red Barn Park Saturday afternoon for a pre-game pep rally

Truman State Homecoming King, Chris Schisler, and Queen, Abbi Berry.

The Truman State Bulldogs filled the Red Barn Park Saturday afternoon for a pre-game pep rally

For many students in attendance, the very anticipated crowning ceremony took place right before kick-off time. The 2013 Homecoming Court made their final appearance before Homecoming King and Queen were announced.

This year's King and Queen shared their feelings with KTVO following the coronation.

â??It was all so exciting. I'm very thankful to have the chance to be on court because it was a fun experience, it's just a great combination of a fun week and Iâ??m so proud to be representing Cardinal Key, my organization,â?? said Abbi Berry.

â??It is an incredible feeling, I am very surprised... very happy to be apart of it. I was just explaining to the Homecoming committee that this has definitely been my favorite homecoming in my college career and I'm proud to represent these individuals,â?? said Chris Schisler.

The King and Queen were selected following preliminary interviews and student body elections.