The Van Buren County Fair began Sunday

4-H Farm Puppets

The Van Buren County Fair kicked-off on Sunday.

While none of the activities for the first day of the fair took place outside, a communications judging, quilt contest and gospel program took place inside the Robert's Memorial Center. Sisters Joy and Grace Westercamp are both two local beauty queens who were participating in the communications event.

â??Well this is communications day, and we have a lot of different categories like educational presentations, working demos, share the fun and something for all the 4-H youth,â?? Joy Westercamp, SE Iowaâ??s reigning Honeybee Queen said.

She spoke about bees, and raised awareness about how bees benefit the ecosystem. Her sister Grace told KTVO what you can to look forward to at the fair this year

â??We have some really good live stock shows. Our rabbit shows are pretty competitive compared to some other counties and I'm just really proud of our 4-Hers. They do a really good job showing them and taking care of them,â?? she said.

The Van Buren County Fairgrounds are located at the north edge of Keosauqua behind the Robertâ??s Memorial Center. The fair will continue Monday through July 22nd.