The Violin Project is coming to Kirksville Primary School

Kirksville Violin Instructor Karen Kubin will be starting "The Violin Project" at Kirksville Primary School this fall.

A Heartland woman is working to help bring the gift of music to students.

Kirksville Violin Instructor Karen Kubin has been giving private and group violin lessons now for the past ten years.

But beginning this August, Kubin will be starting "The Violin Project" by teaching kids at Kirksville Primary School as part of the after school program.

Kubin goal is to provide access to music and teach the beauty of it to kids who might not otherwise experience it.

"In a group setting, you are with your friends, and you're doing something together. That sense of community and working towards something bigger than yourself..that's huge. That's a lot more fun for a kid. It's more fun for everybody to be making music," Kubin said.

Kubin is looking for students for the lessons and is also raising money to provide these lessons at little to no cost.

If you are interested in getting your child to take lessons or want to help Kubin's cause, click here or email her at