'The Walldogs' use city buildings as art canvas

Downtown Centerville has been the canvas for a unique group of artists over the weekend.

Those artists, called 'The Walldogs' have been busy painting three murals on downtown buildings. The project began on Thursday and was completed Sunday. The murals will help to bring Centerville history to life.

One mural focuses on Norma Talmadge. That mural can be found on the south side of the Daily Iowegian. Talmadge was a famous silent screen actress who came to Centerville by train in 1921 to film a movie 'The Wonderful Thing' near the town of Plano.

The second mural focusing on Albert Lodwick can be found on the north side of R & M Furniture. Lodwick was the lead flight engineer on the around the world flight by Howard Hughes in 1938.

The final mural located on the south side of Jenz Trendz celebrates the cities annual Pancake Day, which was established in 1949.

A total of nine artists worked on the murals. Each mural costs $11,000 to paint. The community did some fundraising to pay for the murals, which also included grants.