There is a ray of hope in job market for college students

Looking like more employers are coming to colleges to hire more students.

It looks like the job market is steadily going up as more students prepare to graduate from college and enter the workforce.

According to the Career Center at Truman State University, there have been an increase in employers attending their semi-annual Career Expo.

The fields that are currently in high demand, with good starting salaries include computer science, healthcare, and accounting.

Employees at the Truman Career Center explain that no matter how academically prepared students are, getting real world experience is also very important.

"When I talk to employers about the skills they are looking for in hires, the top things are communication skills and teamwork and it doesn't matter if it's from a chemistry major, or a psychology major or a sociology major. They are always across the board looking for the same skills so when students realize that they have a really good opportunity to market themselves to an employer," said Polly Matteson, Assistant Director of the Truman Career Center.

The Truman Career Center also tells us that they have noticed an increase in students using their services in the last year which helps them become much more proactive in their future careers.