Things looking up for Kirksville City Hall roof project

Kirksville City Hall is getting a new roof later this year.

At Monday night's meeting, the Kirksville City Council unanimously approved a bid from Jeremy Hettinger Construction Company of Kirksville to replace the shingles on the building.

The bid for $45,775 was the only bid received despite five bid packages being sent out.

Kirksville Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby said the shingled portion of the city hall roof is aging and has lost many shingles, especially during the wind storm of 2011.

He said the project will be pretty challenging.

"The workmen will have lanyards and safety lines,â?? said Selby. â??It's going to be pretty dangerous to be up there, and we don't want anybody and we don't want materials getting hurt so we'll have to block off the areas underneath the building. They'll be tearing the old shingles off. They'll be throwing stuff in a dumpster so we'll have to block off sections, and we still (have) to have the public come in."

Selby said that will likely require use of the back door of City Hall at times during the work.

He said the roofing project is scheduled for September or October. Thatâ??s when the contractor will be able to get to it.

The work is expected to take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

Also at Mondayâ??s nightâ??s meeting, the Council approved an amendment to the City of Kirksville budget for fiscal year 2012 due to adjustments needed to complete Bear Creek 9.

The Council also unanimously authorized the Mayor to allow City Manager Mari Macomber to approve loans for sidewalk repairs for citizens who meet income guidelines.

Council members also approved a bid from Shoremaster for a boat dock to be located at Hazel Creek Lake. The price tag is just over $22,000.

The Council also authorized the purchase of a 2012 Combination Reclaimer and Pavement Heater to support the Street Maintenance Divisionâ??s asphalt street maintenance program. The low bid for that piece of equipment came in around $51,000.

Before this evening's meeting, City Council members met at Kirksville Regional Airport for their study session where they took a tour of the airport and learned what all goes into operating that facility.

They even went for a van ride down the runway to see the condition of the concrete.