Third Techel trial to start as scheduled

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID"> <span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">Seth Techel in court during his second trial</span> </span>

Seth Techel's third murder trial will begin as scheduled in July.

On Tuesday, Judge Daniel Wilson denied a defense request to delay the trial.

Techelâ??s defense attorney Gerald Feuerhelm filed the motion last week. Feuerhelm took over Techel's case in December.

In his motion, he argued that the defense simply needs more time to sort through the mountain of evidence in the case. Judge Wilson didn't find that argument convincing.

In his ruling, Wilson said Feuerhelm knew what he was getting into when he took the case.

The judge also noted that Lisa Techel was found murdered in May of 2012.

Wilson said that after two years and two trials, all the parties need a resolution to the case as soon as possible.

That means Techel will be in a Scott County courtroom on July 14.

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