Third teen arrested in Macon copper caper

Brett Llewellyn, 17, Macon

Scrap metal. That is what the Macon Police Department said landed three men in trouble. The department has been conducting an investigation of several burglaries and thefts from a Municipal Utilities owned storage shed on Malone Street in Macon.

Early Sunday morning, Macon police arrested two men and one juvenile male for attempted burglary. All three suspects were taken in for further questioning. â??Officers made contact with those three individuals identified them and at that time didn't have any reason to hang on to them and let them go,â?? said Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger. â??They continued their investigation and eventually found some evidence near by where these three individuals were spoken to and when the officers were doing their investigation they found other evidence actually pointing at those three individuals. So, they went back and located those three and took them into custody at that time.â??

As a result of the investigation Schuyler Donelson, 18, of Macon was charged with second-degree attempted burglary. He is being held on $9,000 bond. Macon Police Department arrested 17-year-old Brett Llewellyn, of Macon for attempted burglary.

He was processed and released pending a Division II court date. The Macon County Juvenile Office assisted with the 15-year-old juvenile suspect. Additional charges and further arrests are pending. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Macon Police Department.