This field has so many jobs, its begging for students to apply

Indian Hills' Advanced Technology program

There is one field where the number of available jobs outnumber the students trained to fill them.

The Advanced Technology program at Indian Hills gives students hands-on experience in robotics, electronics, sustainable energy and laser technology. The industry is growing, and Indian Hills Information Coordinator Tyler Wyngarden said jobs are likely to double in the next five years.

"All these programs we're seeing experience really tremendous amounts of growth the past couple years," he said. "Industries are coming to us saying 'we need skilled technicians to enter the workforce'... especially as the older generation starts to leave."

The program's biggest advantage for students is hands-on experience in the labs.

"Of all the programs I researched, Indian Hills has the best laser optics program in the nation," said student James Vanpelt. "I came out here from California specifically for this."

The placement rate of the Advanced Technology is near 100%, and nearly every graduating student leaves Indian Hills with a job in their field lined up.

"We have more jobs than we can fill. We have so many jobs in fact that last year I had over 90 jobs for 18 fellas," said instructor Frank Reed. "There's just jobs everywhere and more jobs than can be filled and so we're trying to tell people that if you want a good job, if you want to be employed, come here, we'll get you a job in 21 months."

Jobs are available across the county, but around 70 percent are available right here in the Midwest at companies like John Deere.

"There's a lot of jobs posted online, a lot of jobs come to our college and talk to our advisor so there's a lot of opportunities out there," said student Veronica Solovyova.

"This schooling has actually prepared me everything I need to know," said student Michael Wager. "It gave me a nice foundation for what I'm going to need to know for my career."

The starting salary for most of the positions in technology fields is around $42,000. For more information, contact the Advanced Technology department at Indian Hills.