Those with disabilities can go to Jefferson City to get their voices heard

The PACT Center in Kirksville and The Adair County SB 40 are looking for a few more people to join those for the 12th annual Disabilities Rights Legislation Day on Tuesday, April 9 in the State Capitol in Jefferson City.

The PACT Center has partnered with Chariton Valley to take those with disabilities down to the capitol to meet with their local legislators and advocate issues dealing with disabilities and rally in the rotunda.

"The whole idea is for the representatives to put a face with the stories to understand that people with disabilities want the same things everybody has like employment, opportunities to have full productive lives, healthcare, education, things like that," said Debra Wholers of The Adair County SB 40.

"You just can't expect your voice not be heard and expect change. You got to go in there and say what the problem is or what needs to be fixed and they'll fix it," said Lennie Henson, 6-year attendee.

This year's theme for the event is "Access For All."

If you are interested in going, you can call The PACT Center at (660) 627-6291.