Thousand Hills State Park hosts seminar on nature photography

Do you love photography and the great outdoors? If so, nature photography may make a great hobby for you and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is trying to help you become good at it.

They're hosting seminars on nature photography throughout the summer and the next one is on July 21, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. During Saturday's session, participants learned about how to maximize the tools their cameras have to offer, along with how to compose shots, and how to capture moving objects.

Naturalist Emily Burke tells KTVO that nature photography is about luck because unlike wedding photography, it's more difficult to stage a shot.

She said the challenge is worth it because your camera can capture things you could never see with your own eyes.

"It's amazing the things that the human eye doesn't see," said Emily Burke, the Thousand Hills State Park Naturalist.

"Especially when you're doing macro photography, which is a close-up, or even if you have a really good zoom lens and you can zoom in on let's say a bird, you get to capture something that may never happen again. You may never see that bird at that moment doing that thing ever again."

Burke said nature photography is also a great stress reliever and wishes more people would get involved. She said you don't have to buy a fancy camera to get a great photo and in fact, she said even camera phones will do the trick.