Thousands come out once again for the Missouri Livestock Symposium

It has been another successful year at the 14th annual Missouri Livestock Symposium.

People from all over the Midwest attended the event at William Matthew Middle School in Kirksville to learn more about the new things happening in the livestock and agriculture industries.

Attendees could visit the free trade show filled with exhibitors and listen to expert speakers speak on topics such as farming, animals and forage.

Organizers hope attendees take something away from the event and use it to improve the field of agriculture.

"We hope there's been good idea sharing that's gone on. Even from a research standpoint we've been able to expose to people who have attended this program to share with people that normally don't get exposure to," said Livestock Symposium Committee Member Zac Erwin.

There was also a free governor's style luncheon at the event and Adrain Coffman of Kirksville won this year's tractor contest.