TIF commission accepts check from ambulance district

A five year dispute between the Adair County Ambulance District and the City of Kirksville came to and end Tuesday. Larry Burton, ACAD Director, presented a check for $129,421 to Tony Fajkus, TIF Commissioner.

In 2009, ACAD rejected the city's offer to let the ambulance district pay 25 percent of the tax revenue it collected instead of the 50 percent required by law. The ACAD board asked the city to reinstate the original offer and an agreement was reached last week.

Fajkus is relieved to have the issue resolved, "To have this behind us now where we don't have to think about it anymore, focus anymore on the lawyers, don't have to be involved anymore, those kind of meetings, is really wonderful to have the money situation settled so we can move on to other projects with the money is fine, also it's great."

The city plans to use some of the money to help improve the downtown area. Specifically, the TIF Commission discussed improving the awnings on some downtown businesses, as well adding more bicycle racks.