TIF improving Kirksville

More new improvements are coming to the city of Kirksville.

The TIF or tax increment finance commission met this afternoon and talked about making improvements to downtown Kirksville and an area along South Baltimore Street using sales tax dollars.

In downtown Kirksville, improvements will be made on Franklin Street from Jefferson to Patterson beginning sometime next year.

Along South Baltimore, which is a newer project, the city has hired an outside developer, and the city is working with MO-DOT to bring improvements like signs, sidewalks and lights, along baltimore from La Harpe Street south to the entrance to the city.

"The South 63 TIF, once we do the sidewalks, that's the end of the public improvements. So the rest is private improvements. That's new territory for us." Said Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager. "We want for when people see it, they notice the improvements and that it looks great. That will help enhance the community.That's what we want to see and we are working through that."

Right now, the commission is working to get more revenue to help bring the improvements to South Baltimore.