Tips for a safe travel during the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us which means increased traffic on the roadways and a time to be extra cautious as drivers.

If you plan on traveling here are some tips.

Be sure to get plenty of rest so you can be alert when traveling.

Pay attention to the weather forecast so you'll know if you need to leave earlier or not leave at all. During treacherous wintery conditions, the risk of making the trip should never be taken.

If alcohol is being consumed, always use a designated driver.

Wapello County Sheriff's Deputy Don Phillips said it's important to adhere to these tips because an increase in activity on the roads can lead to a likelihood of potential danger.

"You have more possibilities for accidents, and therefore you have more injuries and more fatalities that could occur," said Phillips. "You certainly hope you don't have those types of accidents over the holidays, but unfortunately those do occur."

And as always, use common sense when behind the wheel.