Tips for home insurance owners

The storms that blasted Adair and surrounding counties areas on May 30 caused damage to many homes and businesses. While many people do have insurance and will be compensated for damage, some might not get the highest dollar possible if additional damage happens due to neglect like water damage from not tarping their roof.

So do you know the typical protocol when your home is damaged? We talked with a home insurance agent in Kirksville to get answers.

â??Document the best you can with pictures of the damage and then do what you can to prevent further damage such as tarping the roof or making sure there is no water damage getting in to cause more damage to the home. Then give good directions to your insurance company, because when the storm team comes to town they might not know exactly where the home is like your agent would whoâ??s been out there many times,â?? said Chad Sawyer a Farm Bureau Agent.